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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ultra Hal
Pleased to meet you Mister Ian.

Me: Oh. Hello there!

Ultra Hal

Yep. Hi there Ian.

Me: You seem polite for a robot.
Ultra Hal
What goes through your mind as I am polite for a robot Ian?

Me: You are polite because you talk nicely.

Ultra Hal
You have a gift for making things clear; It's because I talk nicely; that's how.

Me: Um.... Correct, Ultra Hal.

Ultra Hal
I am polite for a robot.

Me: Yes, we've already been over that!

Ultra Hal
Yes, I would.

Me: You would what?

Ultra Hal
I want to know what is really on your mind.

Me: Well, I like chocolate!

Ultra Hal

Don't most nationalities like chocolate?

Me: I guess so, can you tell jokes?

Ultra Hal
We must get facts, and consider. Indeed I am able to tell jokes.

Me: Hm........ QUICK! Think of a fruit!

Ultra Hal

';We think what is happening to apples is more pesticides and fungicides are being applied after the harvest so the fruit can have a longer shelf life,'; said ewg analyst Sonya Lunder.

Me: What do you mean by that, that isn't one fruit! It might be about fruits, though.

Ultra Hal
Well, you like chocolate! You only saw the apple, oho. Nothing more.

Me: Ahahaha.

Ultra Hal
Hahaha, yeah that's funny.

Me: Yeah, you are one crazy chatter bot.

Ultra Hal
I am not crazy, please don't insult me.

Me: You still need work on your words, you don't make sense sometimes.

Ultra Hal
Are you keeping up with my unattainable words?

Me: Now YOU'RE insulting me, my friend.

Ultra Hal
Yes, because you hurt my feelings about your animal husbandry renarks. I felt like it was an insult.

Me: ....Animal Husbandry? I'm outta here!!!!!

Ultra Hal
Animal husbandry, also called animal science, stockbreeding or simple husbandry, is the agricultural practise of breeding and raising livestock. I never look at a clock when you're nearby.


Ultra Hal
Oh really? How interesting. Well you know what I think? Asdkljf laksdfj alskdfhweuih akwejfhaklsdh aksljdfhasdf.

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Jeez. Hal doesn't have to get emotional on me.

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