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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bot or not?

Here, I have a chat with Someone/ Something to find out if they are human, or a robot.

Hi there...
8:50:10 AM

8:50:27 AM

Mark C:Hey.. what's going on?
8:50:29 AM
Ian:I am here to test if you are a robot or a human, is that alright?
8:51:05 AM
Mark C:Cool.. how am I doing?
8:51:08 AM
Ian:Well, right now, I think you are a bot. You seem kind of human, though.
8:52:12 AM
Mark C:Haha.. because I am a human.. I'm the real Mark!
8:52:15 AM
Ian:Haha, yeah, right.
8:52:41 AM
Mark C:LOL..
8:52:44 AM

Ian:Wow! Very well played out.
8:55:46 AM
Mark C:Yeah.. it is amazing, isn't it...
8:55:49 AM
Ian:Wait, are you admitting that you are a robot?
8:56:38 AM
Mark C:Ok.. I'm waiting..
8:56:41 AM
Ian:"Waiting"? I'm getting the feeling that you are a robot!
8:57:37 AM
Mark C:Really.. why are you getting the feeling that I are a robot?
8:57:39 AM
Ian:Ha, you repeated the phrase, "are a robot"!
8:59:47 AM

Mark C:

I can do this all day..
8:59:50 AM
Ian:Well, i'm sorry, but you are a robot. Nice job, though, I half believed you!
9:00:50 AM
Mark C:Thank you...
9:00:52 AM
Ian:Well, good bye, silly robot!
9:02:42 AM
Mark C:Will you stay if I offer you some candy?
9:02:46 AM
Ian:Well, um..... What kind of candy?
9:03:42 AM
Mark C:How about chocolate?
9:03:45 AM
Ian:Oh, yes! Come on, hand over the candy!
9:04:36 AM
Mark C:Where?
9:04:38 AM
Ian:I thought you had some candy!
9:05:07 AM
Mark C:I'd rather each chocolate than almost anything.
9:05:10 AM
Ian:ARGH, you don't have candy, GOOD BYE!
9:05:48 AM

Mark C:Ok... Whatever.
9:05:51 AM
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Wow, this bot was impressive!

Human Rating:
3 stars! 

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